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How Can I Help

How Can I Help?

Southwest Chicago Homeless Services and the clients we work with appreciate all of the assistance you can provide. Assistance is not limited to monetary donations.

Southwest Chicago Homeless Services needs donations such as toiletries and food, office supplies, clothing, and perhaps most importantly, your time. We are frequently in need of volunteers. See our list below for more information.

Your financial donation to Southwest Chicago Homeless Services provides:

Close to 7,000 hot meals during the warming season

Over 5,000 breakfasts and lunches throughout the year

Clothing, toiletries, hot showers, and counseling

Our Current Needs

  • Toiletries

    Travel Size Deodorant
    Travel Size Shaving cream

  • Clothing

    Men's and Women's Sizes. All except underwear and socks may be gently used if in clean and good condition.

    White socks
    Tee shirts
    Boots, shoes, work boots

  • Paper Products

    Brown lunch bags
    Sturdy paper plates (non-styrofoam)
    Beverage cups (non-styrofoam)
    Garbage bags
    Paper towels

  • Always Appreciated

    Cash donations
    Gift Certificates
    Bus passes

Volunteering at Southwest Chicago Homeless Services

We provide and appreciate volunteer opportunities which generally fall into one of the following categories.


Volunteers are persons who volunteer for the wide array of volunteer activities at SCHS and are not affiliated with an official group.


Volunteers are part of a company, school, club, church etc. and volunteer together in service.


Respect. Respect your fellow volunteers, the clients and guests, staff and the opportunity. Safety. Follow all safety directions and never risk putting yourself in harm's way. Be on time. We depend on you to get the job done. Being late can affect the activity. Enjoy the experience. The point of volunteering is to have a good time. Communicate with the Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer Coordinator is your connection to all things VOLUNTEER at SCHS. The preferred method of communication with the Volunteer Coordinator is email. She will be your point of contact (or will direct you to the right person) for orientation, project coordination, or absenteeism.

CONTACT Information

Karyn Perkins
Volunteer Coordinator